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At the Clinic, we are proud to provide our patients with prime services; We take pride in our process starting from the very first appointment; opening a

patient file, recording all patient medical history, and then we conduct a full medical exam, and finally give out a medical recommendation whether it’s a

medication prescription or a rehabilitation program provided at the International Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ICPMR), our ICPMR is

equipped with latest most advanced equipment and operated by highly-skilled therapists under the direct supervision of Dr. Yusef Sarhan. We are

committed to maintain patient confidentiality, privacy, respect patient’s time, and his/her medical and psychological health.

"There Are Clinics But .. This is The Clinic"


- M.B. Ch.B, Egypt

- Jordanian Board of Orthopedic Surgery

 -Fellowship of Australian College of Rehabilitation Medicine(FACRM)

- Jordanian board of physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(JMCC, Phys.Med. & Rehab.)


- Jordan Medical Association

- Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine.

- Jordan Orthopedic Association.

- Jordan Association of Physical Medicine, Arthritis, and Rehabilitation.

   Past president (2002 – 2004)

- The Jordanian Osteoporosis Medical Association

- Jordan Sport Medicine Federation

- Pan – Arab Federation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

- World federation of Neuro – Rehabilitation Society

- Pan – Arab Federation of Neuro – Rehabilitation Society
- World Federation of Musicology    

Personal Experience

 - Internship, Egypt

 - Resident in Orthopedic Surgery, Jordan University Hospital, Amman – Jordan.

 - Full time lecturer in Orthopedic Surgery, University of Jordan; And Jordan University Hospital, Amman – Jordan.

 - Registrar in Rehabilitation Medicine, New South Wales University Hospitals, Sydney, Australia.
- Vice – Chairman of Temporary Council , Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Jordan.


Present Posts               

- Director of Rehabilitation Department, Ibn – Al- Haytham Hospital since 2007 

- Part time Rehabilitation Consultant, King Hussein Cancer Center since 2006

Immediate Past Posts             

- Dean, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences , University of Jordan

 - Director of Rehabilitation Unit, Jordan University Hospital
- Assistant Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Orthopedic and

Rehabilitation department, Medical College, University of Jordan
- Assistant Professor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Prosthetic & Orthotic

department, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences , University of Jordan

    Current Commettees


- Member, World-Federation of Neuro-Rehabilitation Society

 - Member, Pan-Arab Federation of Neuro-Rehabilitation Society
- Member,Musculo-skeletal committee, World Federation of Hemophi


Important Past Commettees              

- President, Jordan Association for Physical Medicine, Arthritis, and Rehabilitation

- Chairman, Jordan Anti-Doping Committee for the 9th pan-Arab sports Games

- Invited Expert to The WHO / ISPO to Review Guidelines on Training personnel in Devolving Countries for Prosthetic and Orthotics Services. Glasgow – UK

- Invited symposia Coordinator and Lecturer to the 11th World congress of

International society for Prosthetics and Orthotics. Hong Kong


- Chairman, Directory Board , Speech and Language Research Center,

University of Jordan


- Chairman, Steering Committee for Establishing a Physical Therapy College, Amman Private University


- Chairman, Steering Committee for establishing Therapeutic Massage, specialty for Blind people


- Chairman, Medical Committee for students with special needs, University of Jordan


- Member, Director Board, Center for Development of Human Resources, University of Jordan


- Vice chairman, Medical Examiners Board, Physical Medicine and

Rehabilitation, Jordan Medical Council


- Member, Licenening Committee for Rehabilitation Professionals, Ministry

of Health


- Member, Bone Tumor Management Team, King Hussein Cancer Center


- Member, Medical Committee for Evaluation of Physically Disabled Children, Al – Hussein Society



2002 – 2004

Teaching-Related Experience

1. Faculty of Medicine, University of Jordan

Teaching 5th year Medical Students and Postgraduate Orthopedic Residents the following subjects:

1. Trauma Rehabilitation:


    Soft tissues

    Sport injurie


2. Orthopedic Rehabilitation:

    Spinal cord injury

    Joint disorders

    Joint Reconstruction surgery

    Amputations and prosthetic fitting


3. Normal and pathological gait analysis


2. Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Jordan




    Principles of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy "1"

    Orthotics and Prosthetics

    Lower limbs prosthetics "1"

3. Physical Education College    

Teaching Master Degree students the following subjects:

    Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation

    Sport Injuries and Therapeutic exercises


    Workshops & Courses (Professional)


    Physical Modalities in Rehabilitation, Sydney, Australia 1985

    Neuromuscular Stimulation, Sydney, Australia 1985

    Manipulation Techniques, Sydney, Australia 1985

    Advanced Course of Lower Limb Prosthetics, Sydney, Australia 1987

    Advanced Course of Upper Limb Prosthetics, Melbourne, Australia 1988

    Theoretical splinting course and the practical Orfit workshop on new

    splinting techniques, Amman – Jordan 1989

    WHO workshop on Scoliosis, Amman – Jordan 1990

    WHO workshop on Community Based Rehabilitation, Amman – Jordan 1991

    Akron Training course on "Is okinetics in sports and Rehabilitation"

    Dipswitch 1993

    WHO workshop for the key Medical and Technical personnel in prosthetics and Orthotics for Western Asia , Amman – Jordan 1993

    Training course in "Low Energy Laser Therapy" organized by the Russian State – Medical University , Amman – Jordan 1993

    WHO workshop on "Palliative care for Cancer patients" Amman – Jordan 1995

    Workshop on Hand Splinting : Static and Dynamic, Muscat – Oman 1995

    Gait Analysis and spinal movement training course (zebras system), Tubingen – Germany 1997

    The 8th Anti-Doping workshop of the pan-Arab sports federation.

    Beirut – Lebanon 2000

    Sport Medicine course by Jordan Olympic Academy, Amman – Jordan 2000

    Evolution in pain Management workshop. Dead Sea, Jordan 2002

    Sport Medicine course , under the auspices of the IOC Medical Commission

    and Olympic Solidarity, Amman – Jordan 2004

    workshop on Documention Based care for advanced care of low back and Neck pain, Helsinki, Finland 2008

    workshop and seminar on Personalized Prevention Medicine, Genomics, the Art of Wellbeing, Nice, France, 2009

    Mesotherapy workshop in pain management, Rome, Italy, 2009


 Workshops & Courses (Educational)

Methods in Medical Research and use of Biostatistics Course, University of Jordan in Collaboration with John Hopkins University, Amman – Jordan , 1989

    The objective Structural Clinical Examination, (OSCE) workshop, University of Jordan, Amman – Jordan 1992

    Medical Research Basic Methods for the Clinicians, University of Jordan workshop, Amman – Jordan 1993

    E- Health Course, By Royal Scientific Society and European Union, Amman – Jordan 2004

    Workshop as Quality Assurance, by University of Jordan, Amman – Jordan, 2004

    Workshop on Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Why and How? Amman – Jordan, 2005