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Over 25 years experience in case diagnosis to determine the level of disability and motor .. More


Physiotherapy is one of the rehabilitation medicine branches; it aims to restore patients to .. More

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is one of the rehabilitation medicine branches; it aims to improve .. More

Documentation Based Care - DBC

International medical research for chronic neck & back pain has found that the best way to .. More

Welcome to Dr Yusef Sarhan Rehab Clinic!

At the Clinic, we are proud to provide our patients with prime services; We take pride in our process starting from the very first appointment; opening a patient file, recording all patient medical history, and then we conduct a full medical exam, and finally

Health Insurence
We welcome all reviewers of the International Center for Medicine and Rehabilitation The center is accredited by a large number of banks and More. . .
Shock-Wave-Therapy for the calcifications in muscles and ligaments
Shock-Wave-Therapy is an advance therapeutic technique applied using highly advanced and modern devices that uses high frequency acoustics in More. . .
Ohmniscan is a high-performance portable bio-impedance measuring device that enables, the essential data i.e.: lean mass, fat mass, water balance, More. . .
Low frequency ultrasounds are a sure and painless method that when combined with drainage enables the most rebellious fat particles to be More. . .
Effilyse is the ideal assistant to develop and produce personalized diets for a wide spectrum of people (from the sedentary person to the top-level More. . .
Vacuum therapy combines two well-proven techniques: suction effect and mechanical palpate-roll. The combination of those two techniques, in a global More. . .
Dry Aqua Jet Therapy
Floating - The body experiences a new lightness. Slow weightlessness takes over. Wrapped in comfortable warmth, an initial feeling of security More. . .